Your business NEEDS a blog – and not just so people will read it

your business needs a blog

Blogging is about so much more than just having regular readers.

Or at least for businesses it is. If your business IS about blogging, then obviously it’s about how many readers you have, but also this blog probably isn’t relevant for you.

If your business relies on website traffic (as most do), and you’re finding that you just aren’t reaching enough people, or even the right people, then it’s time to start thinking about blogging. But here at Hyped, often we’ve found that when we say this to people, they’ll tell us “but who’s going to read it?” or even (on occasion) “blog’s are garbage, who gives a crap about this topic?”

While sentiments like this are common, we still can’t really wrap our heads around it.

Firstly, if you think your product, business, or industry is so boring that not a single person could find value or entertainment in blogs about it, then sorry but why on Earth should anyone buy from you?

We’re not trying to be harsh here, but if that’s what you think about your business or industry then you need to find a new one.

But, sadly, we do know where these people are coming from. They’re experiencing low traffic and low engagement, so they have little faith in how a blog could help their cause.

If you were reading this blog in the hopes that we would tell you that a blog is going to fix all your engagement issues, and that you’ll have a massive, engaged readership then we’re sorry to disappoint. It’s not that these things aren’t possible, it’s just that they often don’t happen quickly, and it can be difficult depending on your industry.

But don’t quit just yet!

We’re here to tell you that the point of your blog isn’t to get a million clicks and comments on social media.

It’s to drive traffic to your website. This might seem obvious, but we don’t just mean traffic to your blog. We mean traffic to your whole website.

Google (and other search engines if they exist – Bingo? Bongo? Who?) are all about sending traffic to websites that are actually providing value, information, and relevant answers to users questions. We’re asking more questions than we ever have before, and we’re asking 3.5 billion of them on Google every day. If your blog is answering even one of those questions, you’re going to get in its good books.

Say your industry is plumbing. A blog about plumbing is going to be hard pressed to find a large readership – but a website that has multiple blog posts about what to do in certain plumbing emergencies, as well as tips for keeping your plumbing in good condition? That’s going to sit a lot higher up on Google than a plumbing website with a couple of pages about the cost of a call out.

Now, relevant traffic to your website is only one of the great reasons your business needs a blog. The second one is credibility.

Yes, you’ll be credible in the eyes of Google’s algorithm, but you’ll also be credible in the eyes of potential customers. Which plumber would you trust? The one that has numerous articles showing expertise, specialist knowledge, and an eagerness to share information? Or the one that simply has prices and contact details?

Your potential customers want to know they can trust you, and the best way to get them to trust you is to let them know that you know your shit. You could answer every email and phone call with a long spiel about plumbing and its virtues. Or you could let your website do the talking.

The choice is yours.

Want to know more about how we can help your business traffic through blogging and social media?

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