Why We Do It

Hyped [hahyp-d]

verb (used with object), hyped, hyping, hype.

• To stimulate, excite, or agitate

• Promote or publicise (a product or idea) intensively


Hyped was created with the full intention of stimulating, exciting, or agitating (in the good way!) social media. How do we do that? Often by promoting or publicising our clients products or ideas intensively!


We’re dedicated to ensuring that social media is a diverse, exciting, and varied experience for all users, by emphasising high-quality content and strategies for our clients.


We don’t want clients who are content with the boring, mundane or – god forbid – offensive. We’re looking for progressive clients who want to incite productive conversations, encourage exciting content, and are looking for the next big opportunity to stand out on social media.


And that’s why we do it!


So tell us, what drives your business, and why? Maybe we can team up and take over the (digital) world!



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