The Facebook Pixel: A living nightmare, but you need one RIGHT NOW


Ahhh the Facebook Pixel…

A few lines of code that we have a SERIOUS love/hate relationship with.

But for all its power, there are so many businesses who aren’t using it!

We did a short poll on the fantastic ‘Girls in Business’ group on Facebook to find out who uses the Pixel, who doesn’t, and who simply hasn’t got a clue what we’re talking about and the results were… Probably predictable let’s be fair!


20 of you had no idea what a Pixel was! 20 out of 39 responses were “A what?” – meaning 20 out of 39 people hadn’t the foggiest what a Facebook Pixel is!

So. What is it?

Put in laymans terms, a Facebook Pixel is a few lines of code Facebook has connected to your Facebook Ad Account. When you put those few lines on your website (correctly), Facebook is able to collect data on who is coming to your website, and from where. Yes, it can track even those people who come to Facebook from Google (or Bing! Or Yahoo, or wherever your traffic may be)!

It knows the Facebook account attached to whoever goes to your website, and you can create audiences based on this information. No more mindlessly targeting people who kind of are interested in your product or niche. You can now target people who have actively engaged with your brand – amazing!

Even more cool – you can create something called a lookalike audience. This is an audience that – wait for it – looks like the people who have gone on your website.

Facebook can look at your Pixel and say “Okay, this website gets a lot of traffic from women aged 30-45, with 2 kids, a house in the suburbs, and a part-time job in sales. She’s been married 4 years, goes to badminton every Tuesday, and has an interest in vegan skincare.” And then it builds an audience of people who look just like this!

And yes, the scary part is that Facebook TRULY does know all this information about you. Ever mentioned waffles in a post? Facebook now knows you have an interest – however small – in waffles. Been going to a lot of websites selling waffles lately? If those websites have a Pixel then Facebook now knows that you’re even MORE interested in waffles. And now any person wanting to target an audience who is hot for waffles can start targeting you!

It’s a little freaky, but we do have a lot of faith that Facebook is only collecting this data so that you only receive ads that are relevant to you and your interests – instead of marketers trying to blindly sell you stuff. Facebook has become really good at it too – only a few years ago anyone could be getting ads on retirement homes, no matter their age or interests. Things have definitely improved for the better.

Can we give you, as a person, advice on how to steer clear of the Pixel? Not yet, we’ll have to research this. But as a business owner we can definitely recommend you set up your Facebook Pixel immediately, or risk losing out on some precious data that could take your Facebook ad results from zero to hero!

Need help setting it up or utilising it? You know where we are 😉

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