In the Social Spotlight: Samantha Fernandes from The Magic Brush

samantha fernandes the magic brush

Giving Social Media a Touch of Magic

This month in the Social Spotlight, we have Samantha Fernandes talking all about how to bring the magic of her business to social media.

Life’s rather interesting when you run a business which specialises in magic. No, I’m not talking about waving a magic wand or sprinkling fairy dust, but rather the magical art of event entertainment. It’s what my company, The Magic Brush, specialises in. With the word magic in our name, we have even more pressure to deliver the magic wherever we go and that includes on social media.

Hi, I’m Samantha Fernandes the owner of the Auckland based event entertainment company The Magic Brush. We specialise in providing adult and children face painting services, special effects makeup, private and corporate entertainment, and the creation of various forms of artwork, murals and costumes.

With our business providing our services throughout the country, we need to be very clear on our target audience and how we reach out to them. A lot of this is done via our website, where we rely on search engine traffic from people interested in booking our services. However, using social media to promote what we do is also of high importance to us. We recognise that many of our clients use social media when hunting for ideas and companies to provide the services they need. It’s also a wonderful way to spread the reach of our business beyond our followers and clients.

The question then would be, how do we as a New Zealand wide event entertainment business use social media to our advantage? Well, I’m glad you asked and I’m here to say the answer is to “follow the second star to the right, and straight on till morning.” Seriously. It’s all about the pixie dust people and we’ve got plenty of that!

Choosing Our Social Media Channels

With a wide variety of cliental, from corporate through to a 5 year old’s birthday party, we need to be everywhere. You’d know that you choose your social media channels based upon where your audience is. Well, we did that too. But we also had to identify the channels which would best allow us to share our services. For us, a lot of that sharing is done visually – as a picture speaks a thousand words. Describing the process of how to transform someone into a zombie using SFX makeup is cool, don’t get me wrong. But a lot of people simply want to know what the end result looks like. That’s why we regularly use the highly visual social media channels of Facebook and Instagram.

Sharing the Pixie Dust on Social Media

Our photos are like pixie dust. They instantly show the magic we have created, be it face painting at Starship Hospital, temporary tattoos for a corporate promotional event, or a hole in the head board for a school gala. Along with our photos, we also include a short blurb which relates to what’s happening in the photo, or a seasonal event we can relate it to.

samantha fernandes the magic brush

With our photos, we find that our clients are often more than willing to share our work with others. There’s no shortage of volunteers happy to have their face and body art posted on our pages. Sometimes we share our artists working their magic in action shots. Other times we share the finished results. There’s always a positive response from our audience, no matter what we post. They expect the magic, and we happily provide it.

Then there’s YouTube. This is a different kettle of fish and requires a considered approach. For YouTube, we’ve specifically focused on providing a lot of demonstration-type videos. These for the most part include our artists and entertainers at work. We find that people want to see how we created our art and see clear images of the finished results. While many of our videos show snippets of artists in action, they’re not instructional videos. We’re happy to show people how we do things but teaching them is a different story.

clear images of the finished results. While many of our videos show snippets of artists in action, they’re not instructional videos. We’re happy to show people how we do things but teaching them is a different story.

Like with providing information on our website, we walk a fine balance between demonstrating and sharing our knowledge, verses promoting our services on social media. We also are not here to be teachers, which is why you’ll never see us provide step by step instructional videos. What we have found has worked is being natural, sharing photos of ‘normal people’ and not models and letting our company’s personality shine through. It all comes back to displaying our business culture and ethos, which we identified way back before in the olden days!

We’d love for you to come and check out our social media channels and our website. Remember, we sprinkle magic wherever we go, and we’d love to share that with you too!

Samantha Fernandes
Sorceress, Owner & Creative Director
Magic Brush
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