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On the Grind is a New Zealand start up subscription box that offers a different artisan Kiwi coffee roaster per month. This is a completely unique idea to the New Zealand market, and has been very popular amongst coffee connoisseurs.

The problem that On the Grind faced however, is that because they are a completely unique idea to the NZ market, nobody was out there looking to subscribe to them. They needed to find a way to let people know that their subscription box existed. But most importantly, as a start-up they needed to manage their budget wisely.

Their social media goals were:

Brand Awareness

As a startup, a lot of work was needed to grow their brand among coffee loving Kiwis.

Drive sales

Sales are at the core of every business, but are measurably achievable for ecommerce stores.

We achieved this with:

Seasonal ads

High quality content

Managing collaborations

Since working with us they have seen:

1 %
increase in seasonal purchases
1 X
cheaper ad results than averages
1 %
increase on usual traffic to website
1 x
more conversions than average

But what do they think?

Coffee subscription box about us photography headshots

“We have loved working with Morgan and the team from Hyped. For us at On the Grind, teaming with Hyped makes so much sense. We get access to great minds who are passionate about what they do and recognised as SME in the social space. We’ve been able to maximise our advertising spend and make sure it gets targeted to the right place which means we can focus on building our business knowing the team have it in hand.”

Ed Robertson

On the grind

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