How to #Hashtag like it’s your job


Hashtagging isn’t what it used to be

#gone #are #the #days #when #it #was #socially #acceptable #to #write #captions #like #this #likeforlike

But what is proper etiquette for this? In fact, is there even an etiquette for hasthagging?

Here at Hyped, we’d argue that there is.

And while we don’t expect everyone to adhere to the unspoken rules of the hashtag – nor do we think everyone needs to – it’s still always a good idea to keep yourself in the-know on the no-no’s.


So what are the no-no’s?

Well first of all let’s get one thing clear:

#likeforlike #l4l #lfl #followme #follow4follow #f4f and whatever variation you can think of is dead.

Don’t do it.

It’s bad form.


It’s time to stop hasthagging every specific item in your photo.

#girl #mug #mascara #curls #phone

The likeliness of a lot of people searching #mug and finding your page and liking your content and following are… slim. And who are your target audience anyway? If you are selling mugs then go right ahead, but if you are a beauty blogger it’s time to niche down.

Thirdly, and this is optional:

Don’t make hashtags a big part of your caption.

#tagging #like #this #for #instance #is #a #nono

But talking about something and then writing a relevant hashtag at the end is a #win.

At Hyped, we prefer to put hashtags in the comments section – it’s less intrusive, it counts as early engagement, and it means you can delete them when you feel like they’ve been up long enough (most hashtags will have so many photos flooding through, you’ll stop seeing any engagement from them after 24hours or less).

So we’ve covered what you shouldn’t do, but what are some things you should do?

The do-do’s

Niche down

Find your niche and you’ll find a smaller, but far more engaged audience.

If you’re a beauty blogger for instance, instead of hasthagging like this:

#lipstick #makeup #blogger #eyeshadow

Instead try:

#NZblogger #tartecosmetics #motd (makeup of the day) #makeupartist

These are niched down to find more targeted audiences, both in location and interests.

In order to niche down you might have to do a little research, but some great ones if you’re a Kiwi are:

#NZblogger #NetworkNZ #supportNZbusiness #exploreNZ #girlsinbusinessNZ

It’s all about finding what makes your Instagram unique, and then researching what similar people are hasthagging with and following suit


Social media is all about engagement, and to get a little, you have to give a little too.

Now I am NOT talking about following someone with the intention of unfollowing them if they don’t follow back.

And I am NOT talking about copy-pasting generic comments on hundreds of profiles.

However, if you’ve found your niche hashtags, why not go through them a few times a day and like all of the posts you think are cool, leave some awesome comments, and even follow some of the ones you really like!

It’s all about giving and receiving here on Instagram.

Be Funny

Instagram gives you a maximum of 30 hashtags – so use them wisely!

While we love to put as many as we can into our comment section, it’s always good to use one or two funny ones in your caption if you can!

Is your picture of a movie night? #netflixandchill is an easy but funny one to put in your caption.

It’s all about adding personality when you can!

Last tip? Have fun! #wecanbecheesytoo

What’s your favourite hashtag to use? Let us know in the comments!

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