How to create Facebook Ads that Sell

how to create facebook ads that sell

Running Facebook Ads isn’t always as easy as hitting “boost”

In fact most pro’s don’t even look at that button much (if at all).

Facebook ads are a really nuanced and complicated – but highly profitable – tool for a lot of businesses, but it requires a few key things:

  • A strategy on how your ads will convert real customers
  • Good quality images or videos and copywriting
  • The Facebook Pixel
  • A high converting website with a Privacy Policy and other best practices
  • Vigilant monitoring to ensure best results are being achieved

A Facebook Ads Strategy:

One of the main problems with hitting “boost” on a post, is that it doesn’t have a lot of strategy behind it. A good Facebook Ads strategy will take into account:

  • Who you are reaching with your ad (cold, warm, or hot audiences)
  • Where you are reaching them (Facebook shares ads across more platforms than just the Newsfeed)
  • What conversion you are looking for (landing page views, adds to cart, purchases etc)
  • How much you are willing to pay per conversion
  • Why your audience should convert

These all work together to form a strategy, and they usually mean you’re going to run more than one ad so you can retarget people who didn’t purchase.

Good Quality Content:

Good quality content is something where a lot of small businesses fall behind, but it isn’t that hard! What you need is:

  • Images taken in good lighting, with clear colours and contrast, and some styling
  • Video that has been taken using a tripod and in good lighting with some solid editing to make it 3 minutes or under
  • Captions that aren’t just hard sells saying “buy this” – but evoke emotion and inspiration

The Facebook Pixel:

This needs no explanation! If you would like to know how to get the Facebook Pixel on your website and use it, we have a free resource for you here.

A High Converting Website:

Your website is where the actual conversion take place, and your customers and Facebook alike don’t want to see a bad website. Make sure your site is:

  • Easy to read both with the font and the actual copy
  • Has a comprehensive Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions
  • Loads quickly

There are many other factors to a good website, but these are the bare minimum.

Vigilant Monitoring:

Don’t leave your ads – Facebook isn’t a set and forget method unfortunately, so make sure you’re watching your ads, and calculating the conversions to make sure you’re spending wisely.

This is all only scratching the surface however, and for all this in detail and much more, with video training, downloadable resources, and one-on-one feedback and advice from us, we highly recommend our low-cost, high-value course ‘Facebook Ads that Sell’. You’ll learn all this and more, with us there the whole way to make sure you know how to implement everything!

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