How to create an amazing Facebook Business Page from scratch


A Step-by-Step process!

So you’ve decided to start a Facebook Business Page? This must be a very exciting and equally confusing time for you.

How do you get started? What do you need? What’s important and what isn’t? Are you doing it right?

These are probably all questions that have crossed your mind, and we’re here to put them at rest.

We have this step by step process to create one killer Facebook Business Page!

1 . Make sure you have all the information and content you need

  • Do you have a professional but eye-catching photo to use as the profile picture? For businesses we recommend using your logo.
  • What about a cover photo and Story photo? Pick something descriptive, visually appealing, and professional for both. If you have a website you should have plenty of these that you use as headers, hero images, or title images.
  • Canva is a great (free!) tool to create gorgeous, on-brand images to use for Facebook!
  • Don’t forget all the info you need about business locations, operation hours, contact details, and a blurb about the business. If you have a website these should all already be listed on there for you to copy and paste, if not it’s time to do a little research and copywriting!

2. Head to Create a Page on Facebook

  • Make sure to select the right page option for you! At this point you are choosing whether you Business/Brand or Community/Public Figure

3. Name your page and categorise accurately

  • Make sure the name is as close to your business as possible to help people recognise what it is

4. Add your Profile Picture, Cover Photo, business details to your About section on the left, and a short rundown of your story in the ‘Our Story’ section on the right.

  • Be descriptive, clear and professional
  • Always use high quality, low-text images

5. Head to your Settings and add the final touches

  • This is where you want to get into the nitty-gritty. Instead of us writing out everything you should do, instead we recommend reading through all the options and menus and familiarising yourself with anything. It pays off immensely to understand your page once it’s running, and if you’re really confused or have specific questions we’re only an email away.

6. Start advertising and posting! Happy Facebooking!

If you’re just getting started on social media, and you’d like a bit more information on how to start running your brands socials, what kind of content to create, and for who, we have a fantastic little eBook called ‘Hyped’s Handbook To: Starting A Brand On Social Media’ which will get you started on the right foot from the beginning – and it’s only $5!

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