How to give someone access to your Facebook Business Page

give someone access to your facebook page

Adding someone to your Facebook Business Page is dead easy.

So you’re getting help with your Facebook Page? That’s awesome! The only problem is – you don’t know how to add them.

Hyped to the rescue!

You can follow Facebook’s instructions here – or we’ve laid them out in normal human-speak below.


  1. Are you the admin of this Facebook Page you want to add someone to? You can check by going into Settings > Page Roles. If you aren’t admin, you will need to become one and then wait 7 days before making any changes
  2. Have you decided what level access you want this person to be? You can decide how much you want them to be able to do, by choosing a page role from this list here.
  3. Do you have this person’s email or Facebook account name? You will need this to add them.

How to add them to your Facebook Business Page

  1. Head to your Business page, and go to Settings > Page Roles
  2. Type their name or email in the available box and select the correct person from the list that appears
  3. Choose their role from the dropdown menu
  4. Click add and enter your password


If you’re working with an agency then instead they might request access from you, which is a different process, which you can accept by going into Page Roles again, and accepting their request.


Still having trouble? Get in touch and we’ll help as much as we can!

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