How to give someone access to your Facebook Business Ad Account

how to give someone access to your facebook ad account

Giving someone access to your Facebook Ad Account is an important, but sometimes confusing step when you begin to get help with your Facebook ads. Business Manager and Ads Manager have a way of not being intuitive or user-friendly, which is why we thought we’d give you a hand!

Please remember: Giving someone access to your ad account doesn’t give them access to your personal Facebook account, nor can they see your credit card details – you can always limit the changes they can make and things they can see in your ad account as well if this is a concern.

Facebook’s own instructions are here, but we’ve written something that’s actually in human-speak.

How to give someone else access to your advertising account

To do this you will need to update your ad account settings – and the person you are trying to add will need to be a current Facebook user.

  1. Access to your Ad Account Settings.
  2. Click Add People under Ad Account Roles and enter the name or email address of the person you want to give access to.
  3. Click the dropdown menu to choose their role (Admin gives them the ability to view and change anything, Advertiser can view, create, and edit ads but not billing payments or other settings, and an Analyst can only view ads and reports) and then click Submit. The person you add immediately has access to your ad account according to whichever role you granted them.

If you are working with an agency:

Agencies function slightly differently to just people, and it’s likely that they will request permission from you. To accept this, simply go to Ad Account Roles like above, and their request should be there for you to except.

Happy advertising!

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