Facebooks Favours Photos



Are you writing Facebook posts on your business page with no images attached?

Are the majority of posts you share external links leading off Facebook?

You need to STOP.

This won’t need to be a long post, but it does need to be said.


Facebook favours photos, and Facebook favours Facebook.

As simple as that.

Facebook would prefer you share posts with images – and images with a low level of text as well.
The reason behind it is simple; people aren’t observant, and are more likely to notice and engage with content that is eye catching, i.e images. And Facebook exists to make money, which means it needs its users engaged and interested – this is why it optimises images over text.

And, of course, Facebook prefers posts that keep audiences ON Facebook, this means that it likes a healthy level of posts which aren’t external links.

Now, chances are you’re going to need to share links – here at Hyped it’s the majority of our content in fact – but you need a light hand with this, or Facebook’s going to stop sharing your stuff around!

Wow – short post huh? But we felt it needed to be said!

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