Branding can’t be your entire marketing strategy

Branding can't be your entire marketing strategy

Branding is important – but it shouldn’t dictate your entire marketing strategy

We get really excited when we get to work with a new client who has strong, effective, and beautiful branding. You can tell they’ve put the time (and money!) into making sure they’re brand looks and feels exactly how they want it to.

And branding isn’t just making your products look pretty – it’s about evoking emotions, feelings, tastes, smells, textures in your client that make them want to buy your product or service. So you can imagine it’s pretty important to get right!

Yet, good branding doth not good marketing make…eth.

While branding is super important to get your potential customers across the line, it’s not necessarily going to get your product in front of them in the first place. Because marketing can be tricky.

The best example we can give you is to do with social media because, like, duh.

Good branding is like gold on social media. It opens up opportunities to make your posts pop, stand out, and become instantly recognisable as soon as they’re seen. But social media has its limits. Take advertising for instance. If your brand relies heavily on text instead of photos then you do you, boo. But Facebook won’t let you advertise an image with more than 30% of text. And even less than that it’s still looking at you like “I see what you’re doing, and I don’t like it, so here are some really expensive conversion rates”.

This is where branding needs to be flexible – or at least malleable to marketing. It’s all well and good to have gorgeous branding, but if you can’t even use it in an advert, then it’s going to sit there collecting dust. Like those overpriced hardcover coffee table books we just keep buying.

Pretty. But for who?

When working with brand design and marketing, it’s always important for each person or agency to have a good understanding of each other, and each other’s craft. Neither is more important than the other, which is why strong sportsmanship and a team attitude is key!

While Hyped is not, nor ever intends to be, a full-service agency (because no one can be good at everything!), we firmly believe in working with, not against, our clients other agencies and departments. If our client is on the lookout for web design, AdWords, SEO, branding, videographer, or anything else related to marketing however, we are more than happy to point them in the direction of our favourite teams to work with.

Happy social media manager, happy life, isn’t that what they say?

Maybe not… But we wish they did 😉

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