Best Social Media for Business in Auckland – a How to


Sick of staring at a blank wall trying to figure out how in the world to make a social media marketing strategy?

You’re not alone – which is why we’ve created this list:

Best Social Media For Business in Auckland

It seems like a fairly niche topic – in fact, why would Auckland businesses need a separate strategy to the broader New Zealand ones?

If you think about it a little bit however, it starts to make sense.

All of the cities in New Zealand are so diverse and different, that if you’re trying to tap into your local market, a one size fits all approach just isn’t going to cut it.

In fact, we’d argue, it’s even more important in little old New Zealand to develop a niche market within your local area.

We Kiwis love to travel, so to have a specific reason why your business seems so quintessentially Auckland – well they’re going to make sure to visit!

Best Social Media for Business Auckland – A Guide to being so Auckland

Step #1.

Everyone loves coffee – so make sure every Monday your social media posts include some sort of caffeine worship #MochaMondays

Step #2.

Yoga at sunrise is like, totally a thing you do. Or at least, a thing you’ve convinced your followers you do.

Step #3.

Complain about the traffic – even though you work from home #relatablecontent

Step #4.

Time for Fri-yay arvo beersies! And make sure you defs post that birds-eye of your to die for cheeseboard.

Step #5.

Be 100%, totally, unironically self-aware of all of this! We’re Aucklanders after all!

We’re obnoxious, a little bit over the top, will do anything for the ‘gram, and we have a damn good time doing it.

Implement these techniques into your strategy and you’ve got yourself the best social media for business in Auckland.

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