In the Social Spotlight: Annaliese Kimpton from AMK CV’s Ltd


Getting started on social media as a service-based business

Plenty of the businesses we’ve spotlighted this year have been product-based businesses, but as Annaliese highlights in this months blog, it’s a whole other can of beans for a service-based business to get started on social media.

In July last year, I finally took the plunge and left my corporate role in HR to start my own CV writing business – AMK CVs Ltd.  As a self-confessed perfectionist, I created a 30 page business plan and dutifully did my market research, SWOT analysis and researched my competitors. However, what I failed to do was spend enough time on my marketing strategy.  I spent a lot of time creating my website and focusing on my business cards and thought that these, along with old-fashioned print media, would bring in business.

It wasn’t until I was having a discussion with a friend about how to get more clients that I came to the realisation that I would have to bite the bullet and set up a business Facebook page.  Once I got past my initial fear, I felt excited about how many people I would reach and how many likes I would get. Naively, I thought it should be easy as I’d had my personal Facebook page since 2007, so of course I knew how to create posts – I mean most of us do it every day, right?

It’s all about the algorithm…

Turns out, I was wrong. There are many hidden rules that all relate to something called the Facebook algorithm. From my understanding, the Facebook algorithm is a set of calculations used to determine the content that Facebook users see in their newsfeed.  

From my research, I learnt that in January 2018 the algorithm changed to give more weight to meaningful social interaction. Therefore, for businesses to get their content seen they need to make it meaningful, that is, something that people will comment on, share with their friends or react to by using the love, haha, sad or wow emoticons.

Seems pretty simple, right? But to make your content meaningful, you need to understand your audience and therefore ensure that your audience is genuinely interested in your business. The time of day that you post is also important, as you want to post when most of your Facebook followers are online. Posting too often, or not enough, will also affect how many people see your posts.

As a service-based business, I find my biggest struggle is coming up with engaging visual content for my followers. There are only so many photos of my laptop I can take! At times, I envy product-based businesses who can take photos of their gorgeous clothing, or mouth-watering food.

Where to from here…

I still have a lot to learn about social media marketing, so one of my business goals for 2019 is to get a better understanding of the algorithm, as well as what my page insights are telling me. This will ensure I get the most out of my Facebook posts and ads.

I’ve also discovered there are numerous online articles, tools, apps and social media consultants who can help you get the most of your social media marketing.  I just need to make the time to sit down and work out what will be the best for my business. I’ve also made it a priority to plan my posts each week, and take the time to find interesting and varied content for my followers.

Although it all seems overwhelming at the moment, I’m excited about the journey ahead. I am looking forward to gaining a better understanding of social media marketing, and how it will help me grow my business.

Annaliese Kimpton
AMK CV’s Ltd

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