5 ways to invest in your social media strategy that aren’t boosted posts

5 ways to invest in social media

In our last blog, we cleared the air around why social media isn’t free marketing, and touched briefly on 5 places you could (and often should) invest money into your social that aren’t just ads or hiring someone (like us!).

Boosting your posts is great if your post likes and comments pay your bills (tell us your ways! We’d make a fortune!), but there are smarter ways to spend your money on social media. Facebook ads go so much deeper than boosting posts, and can achieve real financial results – but that’s a whole other blog post.

Our purpose with today’s post, is to talk about the ways you can invest in your social media strategy, without paying Zuckerberg a cent.

Invest in your images and videos.

Blurry, poorly lit phone pictures might have worked at some point, but that is not the case any more. People who are buying online don’t just want a general idea of what the product they’re buying looks like, they want to know dimensions, exact colours, and expected quality, and a good picture can tell them all that.

Even more than that though, people want to attach feelings and thoughts to images, which is why styled images are doing even better online now than your standard well-shot stock image.

Investing in your images can mean a lot of things. It can mean purchasing a better phone that has a better camera, or purchasing a high quality camera to shoot with. It can mean purchasing backdrops for your images, or hiring a photographer or content creator to do it all for you. Either way, on social media your photos and videos are all your potential customers have, so it’s the number 1 area you don’t want to tighten your belt.

Pay to be a spotlight member in Facebook groups of your demographic.

We’re thinking of starting a new phrase: “If you’re interested in it, Facebook has a group (or 5) for it.”

Think we’re joking? It took us less than 30 seconds to find 5 Facebook groups specifically around loving leopard print.

If your business sells nothing but leopard print, boy have we got the groups for you!

Many groups allow you to become a spotlight member, or a paying member, which means you’re allowed to post sales-related content into the group. This is an amazing option, because it means you can access your direct market for a super low cost – and usually your membership fee is going towards someone also interested in your product, a small business owner, and someone who will advocate your business to others they meet interested in the same thing.


Pay for memberships for apps and software that improve your marketing, such as Canva, Hootsuite, and more.

There are some truly genius apps and software out there designed to make your social media strategy better, more effective, and easier to implement.

We’re sure by now you’ve all heard of Canva – the nifty little free website where you can easily create beautiful graphics for just about anything. But did you know there was a paid option? The paid option is a great way to implement consistent branding, upload your own fonts, and do all the really amazing stuff businesses with amazing branding want to do.

Other ways you can make your life easier is by using scheduling programmes, like Hootsuite, that can schedule your Instagram content, as well as content for a bunch of other social platforms.

Sometimes investing in social media simply means investing in your life quality. The less time you have to stress about social media, the better your life quality, right?

Pay influencers to promote your page and product to their audiences.

Influencers are hardly a new thing anymore, but we still see so many Kiwi businesses only sending free product to influencers, when really the best opportunities and results come from paid posts with the right influencers. This really is a job for many of them, and creating the perfect image, caption, call to action, engagement, and follow ups takes a hefty amount of time for these guys, so make it worth their while – compensate them for the work they’re doing for you, and not just with free product.

Pay another page with more followers to promote your product or page – or a specific post – to their audience.

We don’t see this a whole lot in New Zealand yet, mostly because you need to find a truly engaged page in your target market for this to work, but overseas we’re seeing more and more smaller, lesser known brands pay bigger pages to promote their posts and products.

This is similar to influencer marketing, but it involves a brand or organisation, rather than a person promoting your product, and usually it’s through the form of sharing a post you’ve already put on your page, rather than taking their own pictures.

This can be massively successful, as seen below with this Tasty post.

This image shows well known Tasty Facebook page promote a lesser known brand, likely as a paid promotion

Hopefully by now you can see that while technically it is free to post on your Facebook, if you really want to smash your social media goals, it still might take a little bit of money to do it.

Spend wisely guys, and tell us how it goes!

If you’d like to know how to really make your Facebook shine, we recommend our series of courses and resources available at a really low cost – you’ll get comprehensive, detailed training, downloads, and one-on-one access to US!

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