5 ways to come up with content for your business when you think you have none

5 ways to come up with content for your business

All businesses can make good content – no matter what.

We’ve all been there. Wracking out brains trying to come up with what content to create. We might be social media managers and do this all day – but sometimes the content won’t come to you.

We understand it all too well, but we’ve also perfected the art of pushing through and figuring it out! No industry is too boring to have new content, so take a gander through our top 5 ways to come up with content for your business when you think you have none.

1. Answer your customers questions

Not literally their questions like “when is my package going to arrive”, because that’s for your FAQ page. Instead, we mean their bigger questions related to your industry. For the purpose of this blog lets imagine you’re a window drapes maker. You might think people don’t really have “bigger” or more interesting questions for your industry, but they do.

If you were in the process of buying drapes but didn’t know much about them, then you might ask “which drapes are easiest to clean?” or “how to clean curtains?” or even “what style of drapes should I get?”. These are all awesome questions, and they’re highly relevant to your industry! Answer these questions for people and you’ll be their hero.

2. Share testimonials

When was the last time you put a really awesome testimonial on blast? Probably ages ago! Testimonials are such a great way to show people that your shit works! And people love your shit! (We’re sure it’s not shit, really.)

Go on Canva and create an awesome image with your favourite testimonial and let the world know just how great your business is. Trust us, people love this kind of content!

3. Reduce, reuse, recycle your old content

Hey – we’re a sustainable business. We’re all for reusing old content! You worked hard on that content and people loved it, so why wouldn’t you share it again? This is a quick and easy one, and shouldn’t be repeated too often. But if there was a piece of content that really hit the nail on the head a year or more ago, then we say share it!

Just make sure not to copy and paste your blog posts into a newer post. That’s just whack. Don’t do that.

4. Share content other people have made (with permission)

The absolute best way to do this is to share content about your product or business, made by people who have used it – it’s not only super relevant to your business (duh!) but your customers often love when their favourite brands do this! It’s the ultimate win-win.

Just make sure you always ask for permission first! If it’s not content about your product, it’s absolutely vital you ask for permission, and always, ALWAYS credit the creator! It’s their legal property and you don’t want to be a fun-sucker, do you?

5. Find some inspo

Well, obviously! That’s why you’re reading this post! But seriously, if the content’s just not coming to you, it’s time to put in work. Pinterest is definitely our first port of call, but Instagram can be a great research tool as well. It really depends on your industry, but if you’re really struggling then it’s high time you pulled together a bunch of blogs, photos, videos, and posts related or adjacent to your industry or brand, and start thinking about how you can do your own version of these.

It’s not cool to be a copycat though, so always put your own spin on things. Inspiration should be a catalyst or springboard for your own ideas, not a blueprint on what to do.

If you’re still struggling to come up with ideas, or maybe you have great ideas but you just can’t turn it into something engaging, then we highly recommend our course:


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