5 Social Media Tips Everyone Should Know


Social media tips for the digital conscious business owner

Managing your social media accounts can feel like it takes all day – sometimes even take over your life!
We know that not everyone is a social media expert, so we’ve compiled our top 5 social media tips that will make managing your social media a breeze- and give you more free time!


Write engaging posts that widen your scope, don’t stick too close to home.

This may seem obvious to some of you, but many businesses struggle to reach a wide variety of audiences because their product or service is so specific in nature, and as a result their content becomes very specific too.

For example: if you sell children’s clothing, you don’t only need to talk about and advertise children’s clothing. You can increase your scope by creating content regarding children’s events nearby, or sharing articles about family life.

This type of content will draw in a larger crowd, and make your posts more appealing. Just make sure they can be linked back to your business in some way – don’t stray off topic too far!

A good example of this working well, is when our favourite coffee subscription box, On The Grind, posts about what’s going on in sustainability and coffee in New Zealand!

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Schedule, schedule, schedule!!

Scheduling posts is one of the most underrated ways to ensure to a successful social media page.

It is so important to stagger your posts out at regular intervals, and scheduling can help with this. We can’t always have our fingers on the trigger (publish button) at the optimal time for reach, and we thank our lucky stars for scheduling tools every day here at Hyped!

If you want to find out what social media scheduling tool is right for you, we’ve already got you covered with a previous blog post!


Reaching out to influencers.

This one may seem a little daunting. In fact, it can take a while to become second nature!

But if you’ve got a product that needs to be advertised, or a charity that needs a little more exposure, then local influencers are the answer!

Influencers will occasionally do things for product or services in return, but more often than not you’ll be expected to pay. Never fear, we find their prices are generally super reasonable, considering the return!

Hey, who said building your empire was going to be free anyway?

A brand we love seeing work with influencers is Tom Ford’s work with NZ blogger, Ash Owens!

social media tips


Consider video content.

Video content is a great way to reach an audience as there are so many options to play around with. You can tell the story of your business, you can showcase your products or, draw attention to a certain topic- the choice is yours!

Video content draws customers in, and turns more of those “maybe”s into “hell yeah”s.

Some amazing video content is being produced by local sweethearts and photography heroes, The Wandered Two!

Read the news.

Sharing news content relating to your business is a powerful tool on social media, with many of us using places like Facebook and Twitter to keep in the loop with the latest news.

By joining in on the sharing of news, your business is much more visible- just don’t forget to hashtag!

Our favourite place to find relevant news stories for our clients, is Doctor Google! Just search your keywords and select the ‘News’ section!


These social media tips are a great starting point for anyone who is looking to get more involved with their business’ social media, but always remember that social media is constantly evolving- and you will need to make sure you’re evolving with it.

What are your best social media tips?

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